Innovyz Capital Management is the investment and funding arm of Innovyz.

At Innovyz, we believe that Australia has some of the best researchers in the world with some of the best ideas.

We are tired of reading about all the ideas that originated from Australia but made great companies overseas.


You’ve probably heard of many of them for instance, photocopiers, Wifi, black box flight recorders, Penicillin, ultrasound scanners, electric drills and aircraft escape slides (there is an extensive list of Australian Inventions here.


We saw that Australia wasn’t as good at commercialising these ideas as other countries and we wanted to do something about that.

Innovyz's history

Innovyz began as SME Growth Capital. The first company we worked with to commercialise an idea was StaminaLift. StaminaLift was founded by 3 entrepreneurs inspired to find a better and safer way to move heavy wheeled carts and beds in hospitals. The bed and trolley movers StaminaLift makes relieve the stresses of manual handling and improve workplace safety for healthcare staff in hospitals. They’re one of the best bed and trolley movers in the world and hospitals throughout Australia, New Zealand and several European countries use StaminaLift devices for patient transfers and moving of other wheeled equipment. We are still helping StaminaLift where we can as we do for all the companies we work with.


We know that Australian ideas and research can make a big difference to our country. They can improve our economy, revive Australian manufacturing, improve our health and wellbeing, contribute to the defence and security of the country and all the while providing jobs and making life better for Australians.

Since then we’ve worked with over 80 other innovations, inventors, researchers, universities and other research institutions, forward thinking businesses and people all over the world to turn great ideas into great companies


We get up every day determined to turn great Australian ideas into great Australian companies and we love doing it. If this project of ours is something you’d like to support and invest in, you can find out more information about Innovyz Capital Management and our fund below.

Our team