Information Memorandum

Stargazer Capital Pty Ltd ACN 631 408 609 AFSL 516246 is the general partner of Innovyz Venture Fund 1, ILP (registration no. LP052) (Fund). Stargazer Capital has appointed Innovyz Capital Management Pty Ltd ACN 638 154 355 Authorised Representative No. 1282840 (Manager or us) as its corporate authorised representative and manager of the Fund.

Innovyz Capital Management’s role is to manage the Fund’s investments. Innovyz Capital  Manager will administer all correspondence regarding your investment.



You can obtain a copy of the Information Memorandum by filling out the form below. The application to invest in the Fund (a partnership interest) is also available with the IM in the Fund Data Room.


Please read the Information Memorandum and any other relevant information relating to the Fund.

Step 1:

Your application has been received.

Step 2:


To invest in the Fund, fill out a Subscription Deed. This can be accessed in the Data Room along with the IM and other important supporting documents.

Paper application forms can be obtained by telling us in the message box above.


Step 3:


Return your completed application form and any supporting documents requested in the application form to us by email or post.


Post: PO Box 3736, Rundle Mall SA 5000.

If you are experiencing any difficulties with the application process or require assistance, please contact us.