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1. What information can be disclosed?

The Privacy Act 1998 allows Stargazer Capital Pty Ltd ABN 14 631 408 609 and Innovyz Capital Management Pty Ltd ABN 25 638 154 355 (collectively, we, us, our) to disclose personal information about when related to the primary purpose for which it was collected.

In connection with providing you with our services, personal information may include:

  • details to identify you and verify your identity (such as your name, sex, date of birth, current and 2 previous residential addresses, your current and your driver’s license or other unique government identifiers);

  • communications with us electronically or otherwise and frequency of such communications;

  • payment and bank account details.​


2. Why do we collect your personal information?

Before, during or after the provision of our services to you, we may obtain your personal information for the purpose of providing services to you and managing our business. When providing services to you, this may include assessing your application for interests in the Innovyz Venture Fund 1, ILP (Fund), managing your relationship with us and your interests in the Fund.

We may collect personal information from you,  other related organisations we work with, third parties you authorise to provide information to us as well as publicly available sources, such as the internet and social media.

If you do not provide us with the personal information that we request, we may not be able to consider your application for interests in the Fund, or we may be required to withdraw or forfeit such interests.

3. Who we may disclose your personal information to?

For the purpose of managing the Fund and our business, we may give information to:

  • entities we work with including but not limited to third parties who provide services to us, or who we provide services to, entities we work with, other members, associated organisations, business partners or affiliates;

  • our professional advisers such as lawyers, auditors, accountants, compliance consultants,

  • your representatives, for example, lawyer, financial advisor, attorney or as authorised by you, or

  • government or regulatory agencies if required or authorised by law.

We will generally not disclose your personal information overseas. If we do disclose your personal information outside Australia, we will only do so with your prior consent.

4. Third parties

You represent that if at any time you provide us with personal information about another person (for example, a beneficiary of a trust, or the ultimate beneficial owner of a body corporate), you are authorised to do so, and you agree to notify that person who we are, how to contact us, how to obtain our Privacy Policy and that we will use and disclose their personal information for the purposes set out in this document and that they can gain access to that personal information that we have collected and hold.


5. Anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing

The Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Act 2006 permits us to disclose your name, residential address and date of birth to third parties in order to assess whether the personal information disclosed matches (in whole or part) personal information about you held in their records (if any). This electronic verification process assist us to verify your identity.

6. Further information

Our Privacy Policy provides additional information about how we manage your personal information. It also sets out how you can ask for access to personal information we hold about you and seek correction of such information.

Please contact our privacy officer if you have any questions or wish to find out more about how we manage your personal information.

Privacy Officer

Mitsubishi Building, 1284 South Road, Clovelly Park SA 5042
Phone: 0448 053 024